How to Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs Make Great Presents!

I love sugar scrubs.  I even love the name, which combines two wonderful ideas:  sweets and facials.  I resisted making them for a long time because, well . . . they seemed messy.  And complicated.  But they're not--at least not complicated.  And they're so great that I've decided to make them for my friends and family members for Christmas.  Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas presents?  Well, probably, but on the other hand, getting started now means keeping your sanity later.

So, what's so great about sugar scrubs?  First, they are like little luxurious spa treatments in a jar.  They exfoliate your skin, meaning they help to scrub away dead skin cells, moisturize and revitalize dull, dry, and damaged skin. Sugar scrubs invigorate the face and body gently, giving a polished, healthy glow. And, surprisingly, sugar scrubs are super easy to make.

So, How to Make Sugar Scrubs?

You can use virtually any kind of sugar (except for powdered sugar), but we recommend organic turbinado sugar or brown sugar. If you give it a spin in the food processor you'll have varying coarseness of grains. You can use any kind of carrier oil you want, but grapeseed, jojoba, or coconut oil are ideal oils for this purpose. When it comes to essential oils, feel free to experiment, but be careful, as some of them can irritate the skin. As always, mix the essential oils well with the other ingredients.

Use the following approximate formula: 1 cup sugar, ¼ to ½ cup carrier oil, and 30 to 60 drops of essential oils, depending on which you choose and what experience you want to create.  If you want a sudsy scrub, add an ounce of castile soap or liquid hand soap to the base.  And then, mix all ingredients well and put in a nice jar with a tight fitting lid. That's it!

To use: while bathing, smooth on the scrub, massaging the skin gently as you go. Rinse your skin well. Note: since these scrubs contain oil, the tub or shower may become slippery, so use caution.

And Now for Some Sugar Scrub Recipes:

Moisturizing Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub:

¾ cup Brown Sugar

½ cup oatmeal (give it a whiz in the food processor for better texture.)

¼ raw honey

¾ cup grapeseed oil

Optional: 30 drops essential oil of your choice (vanilla is a good choice for this scrub.)

Salt-n-Sugar scrub for extra dry skin:

Since this scrub contains salt, we recommend that you do not use it on the face. This would be a great scrub for rough calloused feet, knees and elbows.

3 Tablespoons Turbinado sugar

2 Tablespoons white sugar

3 Tablespoons brown sugar

3 tablespoons Epson Salt

1 tablespoon Sea Salt

2/3 cup grapeseed or coconut oil

Optional: 10-30 drops your choice essential oil. Peppermint would be great for a foot scrub.

 Basic Sugar Scrub recipe:

This is a base that you can use any combination of essential oils and ingredients. The sky’s the limit!

1 cup turbinado sugar

¼ cup fractionated coconut oil

¼ cup jojoba oil


Suggested variations:

Relaxing for Bedtime Sugar Scrub:

15 drops vanilla absolute

15 drops chamomile essential oil

De-stressing scrub after a hard days work:

Same as above, substituting 30 drops of lavender essential oil for the vanilla and chamomile and adding a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers.

For the coffee lover:

Substitute ½ cup ground coffee for ½ cup of the sugar and add 15 drops vanilla eo. Yum!

For the chocolate lover:

To the basic recipe add:

3 tsp. cocoa powder

30 drops vanilla eo

1/8 tsp.  ground cinnamon (we don’t recommend using cinnamon eo in these scrubs: cinnamon eo can irritate the skin easily.)

Double yum!

Exotic Sugar Scrubs:

To the basic recipe add:

20 drops ylang-ylang esential oil

20 drops patchouli essential oil

20 drops sandalwood oil

5 drops sweet orange oil

Uplifting Sugar Scrubs:

To the basic recipe add:

15 drops lavender oil

10 drops tangerine oil

5 drops patchouli.

Citrus Blend:

To the basic recipe add 10 drops each of lemon essential oil, lime oil, and sweet orange oil. Invigorating!

Invigoration Sugar Scrubs:

To the basic recipe add:

5 drops lime essential oil

5 drops bergamot oil

3 drops lemon oil

3 drops patchouli oil

Make your gift complete by adding a scented candle and a loofah. That’s a gift I would love to receive any time of the year!  To purchase any of these essential oils or carriers, visit us on our website!

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