Looking For Rodent Repellent?

You’ve reached this page because you’re probably looking for the rodent repellent products we used to sell, called Mouse Away. We are now focusing the business on providing pure essential oils and blends that help enhance health and wellbeing. However, we know Mouse Away was very popular and over the last 20 years 100s of customers have used it successfully to solve their rodent problems. 

So the good news is you can still get Mouse Away products, but they are only available on their own dedicated site at www.mouseaway.com. This is now just a sister company of Dreaming Earth. We set it up and the same team members still run it. 

Head over to the site and pick up the products you need. Everything about the products is exactly the same - same proven ingredients, same size options and same prices. It all now comes under the Mouse Away brand. 

If you have any questions or problems buying the products you want on the new site, you can email us at: info@mouseaway.com or call the number on the site. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You will still get the same level of excellent service, now just under a separate brand.