Bay Essential Oil

Bay (West Indies) Essential Oil

I love the spicy, invigorating scent of bay essential oil.  It's one of those oils that are perfect for diffusing in the fall and all the way through the holidays. Bay West Indies (not to be confused with Bay Laurel) is a warming, uplifting oil and it reminds me of my grandfather who always wore a cologne that smelled comfortingly of bay and spices.

Bay essential oil is often used in hair tonics and is a fantastic choice for massaging into sore and tired muscles. Here's a recipe to try:

Recipe for Massaging Away Muscle Tension and Fatigue:

20 drops cedarwood

16 drops bay west indies

16 drops spruce

8 ounces grapeseed oil or massage base.

Mix well and massage into skin.  Store in a tightly covered plastic bottle.

This combination of essential oils smells great and can also be used for a cologne or aftershave.



Bay Essential Oil Blends for Shampoo

Also like rosemary, Bay essential oil is a great tonic for hair. Because of its astringent attributes, it will strengthen and tighten the follicles to fight hair loss. It would be a great addition to your homemade shampoo. Here is a good essential oil hair blend, suitable for all hair types:

Hair Tonic Shampoo

10 drops bay essential oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops cedarwood oil
10 drops patchouli oil
8  drops cypress oil
10 drops ylang ylang essential oil

Mix well and add 20 drops to 8 ounces of unscented shampoo. Not only will it strengthen your hair, it will smell amazing!

Dog Shampoo (This is a good flea and tick repelling shampoo for your pet):

2 drops Geranium

2 drops Ho Wood

3 drops Lavender

2 drops Myrrh

2 drops Bay

Mix well and add to 8 ounces of natural pet shampoo.



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