Rose Otto Essential Oil


Rose Oil is one of the most divine of the essential oils, with an aroma that is intoxicating, sweet, warm, and nurturing.  Many people are shocked by the price of pure Rose Otto essential oil, and it is indeed expensive.  The reason?   It takes somewhere around 60,000 roses to distill one ounce of essential oil, or sixty roses to yield one drop of essential oil.  So, while we sell the pure Rose Otto, we also offer it as a 5% solution (in jojoba) to make it available to everyone.  The 5% is a lovely way of wearing a completely natural and intoxicating perfume--dab a few drops of the diluted rose on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, and you'll never reach for the synthetic stuff again.

Therapeutically speaking, Rose is a balancing, grounding oil, helping to lighten and lift the emotions.  It's one of the most gentle essential oils, making it suitable for use with children and the elderly, and is excellent for skincare.  Rose oil is a wonderful addition to any mature skin care blend, and is a valuable oil for menstrual difficulties and menopause.  Jeanne Rose calls Rose oil the "prime" oil for women, and suggests this formula for menstrual health:  Add 3 drops of Rose Oil and 3 drops of Rose Geranium oil to 1 ounce of Calendula infused oil and use for a full body massage on a regular basis.

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