Headache Relief using Essential Oils

Headaches can be so overwhelming and debilitating.  I’ve experienced bad ones for years, and have tried many remedies, but unless I catch a headache before it really begins, I seem doomed to suffer until the next day.   The last time, though, I tried something that actually helped cut my headache short, and left me feeling better in about an hour.

I took two aspirin, and then ran a bath as hot as I could stand it and put about 20-30 drops of our Headache Relief Blend in the water (note: be sure this is either pre-mixed massage blend, or that you dilute the pure essential oil into a carrier before using in the bath).  I relaxed in the water lying with my spine as straight as I could with my head mostly underwater. I could feel the slight tingle of the mint on my scalp. After about 20 minutes I felt my headache was gone.  I rested for another 30 minutes outside of the bath and felt completely normal.  This is now the first treatment I turn to when I feel a headache coming on.

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