Favorite Fall Aromatherapy Blends

I don't know anyone who doesn't love fall. Here, in the mountains of Asheville NC, the scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful.  And along with the vivid colors and crunching sounds of leaves, it's the fresh, bracing, spicy smells of wood fires, hot cider, pumpkin pie and forest leaves that conjure up the essence of the season.

We've taken those aromas and distilled them (no pun intended) into three favorite fall aromatherapy blends for you to try at home. They're super fast and easy, and they'll make your house smell spicy and woodsy: like fall!

The following recipes make aromatherapy room sprays. If you prefer to make blends for a diffuser, omit the water and vodka, and simply add the essential oil blend to your chosen diffuser. Easy!

Favorite Fall Essential Oil Blends

    1. Pumpkin Pie Blend

Mix 25 drops orange, 10 drops clove, 8 drops cinnamon, 1 tsp vodka or witch hazel with 4oz water in a spritzer bottle. Shake well.


    1. Deep Forest Blend

Mix 20 drops orange essential oil, 20 drops fir needle, 10 drops pine needle and 10 drops cedarwood with 1 tsp vodka (or witch hazel) and 4oz water in a spritzer bottle. Shake well.


    1. Vanilla Spice Blend

Mix 40 drops orange, 12 drops clove and 40 drops vanilla (you can use the boosted extract or the absolute) with 1 tsp vodka or witch hazel. Add to the 4 oz of water. The vanilla is really thick so you'll have to shake this one really well to blend it together.


We've used some of the most common essential oils in these blends, but if you have nutmeg, cardamom, spruce, juniper berry or bay leaf, those are also perfect for creating your own fall scents. Experiment and let us know your personal favorite essential oil concoctions for the autumn season: we'd love to hear them!


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