D-I-Y Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’ve got more time and love than spending money this Mother’s Day, or if your mom is the kind who appreciates homemade gifts the most, make these easy aromatherapy gifts to encourage her to pamper herself.


1. Hand Salve

Your mother’s hands have probably washed countless dishes, changed countless diapers, and done who knows what else over the years (designed a skyscraper? performed open-heart surgery?). Those hands deserve a soothing hand salve free of preservatives and other additives.



Hand Salve Recipe

Warm the olive oil and coconut oil on low heat in the top of a double boiler (or heat in a glass measuring cup in the microwave) until melted. Add the beeswax pearls and stir until the mixture is completely melted and blended. (If using the microwave method, you may need to heat and stir again.)

Let the mixture cool a bit, and then add the drops of essential oil. Start with about 10 drops, let it settle a moment, and then sniff. Some olive oils and shea butters have a stronger scent than others, so the amount of essential oil you need will vary.

Pour the still-warm mixture into a container with a tight-fitting lid and let it sit undisturbed until it’s completely cool.

2. Bath Salts

Soothing bath salts are the perfect luxury for the person who is always taking care of others. They’re so simple to make that you can blend up a few different kinds so your mother can choose which one to use, depending on her mood.

This recipe is very adaptable: You can use just one kind of salt or leave out the baking soda if you don't have any (it helps to soften water relieve skin irritation). If you like, add dried flower blossoms or herbs to the salts.



Bath Salts Recipe

Pour everything into a large bowl and stir until well mixed. Add the essential oil (or oils) and stir until completely blended. Place in a glass container with a lid.




3. Face & Body Spritzer

This homemade cooling spray provides welcome relief in the summertime, but if your mother is going through menopause and suffering from hot flashes, she is really going to adore it! If she keeps it in the fridge is will feel especially cool and refreshing. This spritzer also works as a lightly scented natural room spray.




Refreshing Spritzer Recipe

This one’s easy-peasy: just add all the ingredients into a small spray bottle, shake well and add the spray top.




Not Feeling the D-I-Y Thing?

If you’d like to add to your homemade gifts or don’t have time this spring to do it yourself, check out our 10 Terrific Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gifts post.


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