Ten Terrific Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother's Day is around the corner, and it’s the perfect chance to show your mother love and appreciation while introducing her to aromatherapy. Whether your mother is a complete novice to essential oils or a longtime user, I’ve gathered 10 great gift ideas to inspire you. And if you are a mother, remember that this holiday is also a chance to treat yourself—or email this page’s link to your loved one with the subject line Hint!




1. Jewelry

Whenever my mother (who is 80) wears her aromatherapy necklace, we get an uptick in orders because all her friends want one, too. Our elegant handblown glass necklaces appeal to women with a flair for the artistic. Our natural terracotta pendants will suit down-to-earth types, while our teardrop locket-style necklace goes with just about anything, from a t-shirt to cashmere. Throw in a couple of bottles of essential oils, and you’ll have a very thoughtful gift.





2. Inhalers

Another popular item this spring are these sleek aluminum inhalers that come in four gorgeous colors and are perfect to toss in a purse. Their removable inner container is clear glass with a cotton wick. Just add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil or a blend to the cotton wick, then unscrew the cap and inhale for aromatherapy on the go.



3. Aromatherapy Starter Kit

If you are introducing your mother to aromatherapy, surprise her with one of our starter sampler kits. These kits include twelve sample vials of our favorite oils (about 25 drops per vial). We offer two different kits, or buy both kits at a special price and your mother can explore 24 different oils!



4. Flower Waters
Here’s another gift for someone who isn’t an aromatherapy devote (yet). Our flower waters are very mild, with a gentle fragrance. They feel sublime when sprayed on your face or body. (We love to keep ours in the fridge in the summertime for a quick spritz of refreshing coolness.) They are also work wonderfully as a linen spray‑‑just a few squirts and your sheets will beckon you to slip in for a good night’s sleep. Choose from peppermint, geranium, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, or orange blossom (neroli).



5. Bath Salts

Whether you choose a bath salt with one of our therapeutic blends such as Sleep Well or Muscle Relief or a lovely floral one such as jasmine or lavender, our coarse grain celtic sea salt (imported from France) with essential oils and dried flower petals are a gift that will be appreciated over and over again. In fact, we predict that every time your mother slips into a warm bath of these salts, she will instantly forget any misbehavior of your past and remember you only as the most perfect child a mother could ever wish for.


6. Shower Bursts

Looking for just a little something extra to add to a gift?

Our aromatherapy shower burst blends, made of pure essential oils and essential oil blends, are designed to give a spa experience at home. Made with only the finest of essential oils, these bursts dissolve slowly in the presence of steam to release intoxicating scents. Choose from Refresh (Lavender and Grapefruit), Clarity (Eucalyptus and Peppermint), Restore (Lavender and Cypress), or Tension & Stress (Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang).



7. Essential Oil Storage Box

If your mother already uses essential oils, consider giving her our beautifully constructed bamboo storage box. Made from specially treated bamboo, these storage boxes have 24 compartments and removable dividers.


8. Luxury Lotion with Vitamin E

Dry skin is often a problem as we age—our luxury lotion nourishes and soften dry skin. Its unique blend of soy, jojoba, shea, and palm extracts with vitamin E adds plenty of moisture to keep the skin supple, healthy, and youthful while helping to restore the skin's natural balance for radiant health. This luxury lotion spreads easily and absorbs fast. Available in many sizes, purchase this with a favorite essential oil or an essential oil blend and your mother will be able to customize it to her liking.


9. Aromatherapy Home & Garden Decoder

This handy aromatherapy home & garden decoder includes four decoder wheels, and each provides a quick and easy reference to aromatherapy by simply turning the dials. Filled with information about the uses of essential oils around the house and in the garden, it includes categories such as cleaning and disinfecting, repelling insects and pests, getting rid of mold on plants, deodorizing, and creating scents for the home.


10. Gift Certificate

Can’t decide which item would make the perfect present? We’ve got you covered—just opt for a electronic gift certificate and let Mom choose. We offer them for $25, $50, or $100 dollars. Your mother will receive an email from us, notifying her of the gift amount, the code to apply the certificate, and a personal message you can add when you purchase.


Next Up: Homemade Aromatherapy Gift Ideas!

Finally, if your budget is tight or your mother is a lover of homemade gifts, check back for our next posting where we’ll feature some do-it-yourself aromatherapy recipes and handmade gifts just for moms.



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