Favorite Essential Oil Books Part 2

More Aromatherapy Books We Love:

Aromatherapy:  A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils by Valerie Gennari Cooksley

Cooksley is a registered nurse and aromatherapist, and a wonderful teacher.  Her book is practical, accessible and chock full of recipes.  Her chapters are organized by body systems, and she gives an overview at the start of each chapter of each system she covers, and then follows that with common symptoms and remedies.  For example, in her chapter on the respiratory system, she describes how the respiratory system works, and then goes into the oils most useful for the respiratory tract.  From there, she describes common  illnesses, such as bronchitis, or asthma, and treatments which may be helpful.

In addition to essential oil remedies, she includes other supportive treatments, including dietary, herbal, breathing exercises etc.  Her explanations and descriptions are always clear and simple to understand,  and she includes case histories.  This is a great step by step guide to using essential oils, and the back of the book includes a concise essential oil reference guide.


375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose

A great book for summaries of essential oil properties.  Jeanne Rose profiles 375 essential oils and hydrosols, including botanical family, aroma, habitat and growth, chemical components, actions and uses.  She manages to do this without being dry or too technical;  many of the descriptions include fascinating historical and literary references.  For example, one of her chapters, titled “Essential Oils are More Than Stinky” helps us understand  the experience of aroma.  This is a useful addition to any aromatherapy library, and one we turn to often when we need a quick reference on an oil.

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